Calliart: An Institute of Handwriting and Calligraphy in South Delhi (Malviya Nagar). Calliart also plans to include workshops on watercolours, Sketching, Cartooning and Art & Crafts. Calliart also provides coaching for B.F.A entrance exam. Keep in touch for regular updates.

About Tutor: My skills combine calligraphy, typography and digital art. My interest began with drawing, followed by calligraphy. In the beginning, I followed the traditional path set by master calligraphers and was very keen on acquiring the necessary skills and techniques taught by the best. But with time, effort and enthusiasm towards innovation, I began carving my own path and setting my own trademark upon my creative work. With a Bachelor (B.F.A) & Masters (M.F.A) degree in Applied Art from College of Art, Tilak Marg, Delhi. With a focus on Graphic Design, Calligraphy & Typography Development, I continue to offer, and benefit from my services to reputable advertising agencies, design houses and corporate clients.

"I believe there are high standards to be maintained and constantly sharpened or improved."